Sigma Ori

After releasing their first Ep in 2019, they created a vast cosmic journey through time and space. A band that blends various themes of rock from post-rock, progressive, stoner, and metal, now brings us news of something spectacular.

A band that once wrote music about the stars now illustrates in their newest release, a world where human's main goal is to survive their surroundings and to hold onto the dreams that feel infinite to them. This album is for anyone wanting to see the brightness of the stars once again. An album that was conceptualized while sheltering away from the world and recorded at the end of quarantine.

This is... "Beyond the Dome".

Sigma Ori at the Tótum Revolútum Festival!

It is with exciting news to announce Sigma Ori’s first scheduled show this year at the Tótum Revolútum Festival! Their show is confirmed on October 16th of this year. If you are in Spain be sure to check them out…

Sigma Ori studio update!

Sigma Ori have returned after recording their new tracks at Goandjo 

They will now begin the next leg of the production journey 

Samples we’ve witnessed have made us speechless. 

The album cover is surreal and transformative. 

All in all... we…

Welcome Sigma Ori to Eternal Colossus Records!

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! We’re very excited to welcome Sigma Ori (@sigmaori) to the Eternal Colossus family! 

After releasing their first EP in 2019, they showed the world how their music can become a cosmic journey at any moment in time. A…